Green Building

   Over the past few years there has been a tremendous surge in Municipal & Residential GREEN BUILDING policy changes within our Local & Federal Government Agencies. A growing number of local governments recognize that changing building practices has become important not only for conserving scarce natural resources and preventing pollution, but also for improving health and productivity and achieving economic sustainability. We, "Holmes Construction Inc." Believe this to be true and support the cause of Green Building and there supporters.
Martin Holmes 
President / CEO of Holmes Construction Inc. Is A Member of the U S Green Building Council and Member of The Arizona Chapter Of Green Building and was the Co-Chairman Of the Town Of Carefree's Green initiative Committee when they had that Committee.  We Would like to share the below links to everyone's interest in Green Building and our Plan of Saving our Natural Resources in Smart Building.


Alliance to save Energy:          

Arizona Solar Center:              

Energy Star:                             

Home Energy Saver:                          Http://

Photovoltaic for Building:        

National Renewable Energy Laboratory:                     

Southwest Energy Efficiency Project:                         

U S Department Of Energy:      

U S Department Of Energy Building Techn. Program: 


Arizona Municipal Water Users Association:               

Desert Botanical Garden:          

For-gotten Rain:                         

Landscaping in Arizona:            

Rain Harvesting for Dry Lands:  

Gray Water CASA:                      

Water Use It Wisely:                  


Urban Advantage:                      

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